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2 line phone switch

LeCall TCS1800 is suitable for people who have 2 telephone lines but want to use their existing single line telephone set, not have to buy a new 2-line phone.
Name 2 line phone switch Model No. TCS1800
Dimension 3.9 x 2.6 x 1 IN Weight 0.23LB


  • If you have a new lower rate telephone line(such as VoIP landline), but the former line should still be used for incoming calls.

  • If you have a direct phone line and an extension line in your office. It would take too much space of your desk with 2 telephone sets.

             We can solve these problems by using a TCS1800 with your existing single telephone set, and it is convenient to use.


  • No need extra power or battery, convenient to install.

  • No need any program, plug and play, easy to use.

  • No mechanical switch, no need to switch back.

  • One telephone set and 2 outgoing landlines, both lines can call out and the telephone would ring when there are incoming calls from either line.

  • There will be busy prompt to the incoming caller side if there is incoming call when the other line is on talking.

  • Compatible with PSTN lines, VoIP landlines, PABX extension lines, fixed wireless terminal, E1, etc.

  • Compatible with regular corded telephones, cordless phones, etc.

Operation Guide:

1. Installation

Connect the prior use line to the LINE2 port of TCS1800 and the other line to the LINE1 port, link your telephone set to the PHONE port. The LED would light on ONLY when LINE1 is in use(making a call or answering a call) .

2. To make call

When making a call, it would go through LINE2 as default. If you want to select LINE1 to make a call temporarily, you can dial ## first, you will hear dialing tone again and then dial the destination number. After hang up, LINE2 would be recovered to be the default line.

3. To answer call

The telephone set would ring when there is call from either line, first incoming call would ring firstly. If there is incoming call from the other line when one line is on talking, TCS1800 would send busy prompt to the new incoming caller’s side automatically. So the other side can know the line is busy, not nobody answer the call.

Packing list: TCS1800 2 line phone switch×1; 1 meter RJ11 cable×1; User Manual×1

Warranty: One year quality warranty.

Technical support:

If you have any question about the item, feel free to contact us for support. You can also read the User Manual to fix the problem by yourself.

Download User Manual for TCS1800 2 line phone switch: https://31456435.s21i.faiusr.com/61/ABUIABA9GAAgw6uhpwYowPez3wE.pdf